Studio Art Courses

ART 101: Drawing I
Fundamentals of drawing. Perspective, line, form, and composition used for representational studies from nature and still life.

ART 102: Drawing II
Stresses expressive drawing. Various media used in exploring contemporary modes of drawing.

ART 203: Flat and Solid Design
Basic two and three-dimensional design. Explores basic concepts in the principles and elements of design through a variety of projects. Learn structural methods, visual literacy and technical procedures.

ART 205: Life Drawing
Studies of the human figure using a variety of media.

ART 305: Advanced Life Drawing
Advanced techniques of drawing the human figure. Various media including pencil, charcoal, and ink.

Painting & Printmaking

ART 223: Painting I
Water-Based Media Introductory water-based media. Compositional and technical considerations.

ART 224: Painting I (Oil Painting)
Introductory techniques and methods of oils or acrylics. Emphasizes compositional development.

ART 321: Intermediate Painting
Emphasizes individual development in various media.

ART 324: Advanced (Oil Painting )
Advanced techniques of oil painting. Emphasizes expressive and interpretive handling of the medium.

ART 311: Printmaking
A printmaking course in a variety of print media including silk screen, relief printing, etching, and/or monotype. Additional fees apply. Prerequisite: Art 101. Credit: 3 Hours ART 321 Intermediate Painting Emphasizes individual development in various media.

Photography & Video

ART 240: Basic Photographic Arts
Students are introduced to the fundamentals of art making through the use of basic still photography and contemporary photographic theory. While learning how to capture images using analog and digital cameras, students will investigate the principles of art and composition. Technical skills addressed include the operation digital SLR cameras, photographic exposure, basic lighting and digital imaging techniques.

ART 343: Digital Video and The Art of the Moving Image
Students are introduced to the art of storytelling and the moving image through the use of digital video, audio recorders and non-linear editing. Lectures and projects focus on the techniques and practices of capturing video using HD Digital Single Lens Reflex cameras (DSLR), editing short films using Apple iMovie software and understanding contemporary film techniques and historical and theoretical issues. Lectures and readings will also address the placement and growth of new media and how practitioners perceive and capture the world around us.