Graphic Design Courses

ARTH 162: Design Appreciation
This class enables the appreciation of various forms of design within our local and global community. The class will address the role and importance of the designer, and the designer’s creation, within modern and historical context, providing opportunity for aesthetic experiences and a foundation for aesthetic judgments of design within modern society.

GRPH 201: Software For Design
This course will teach proficiency in the Adobe software suite including Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. Concentration on the development of technical skills by enabling students to use the computer as a tool for solving design problems. Instruction will include lectures, exercises and projects to assist students in the learning process. 

GRPH 220: Design Foundations
This course explores the foundations of design elements and the application within the professional field. The class introduces students to creative thinking processes and techniques as they relate to visual communication. Students will present ideas and information on a wide range of topics through visual rather than verbal language. Students will develop fluency in visual language to assist communication in critiques and discussion.

GRPH 230: Logo Design & Branding
This course will continue the exploration of design elements and visual communication as related to advertising and corporate identity. This class will focus on layout, color, and concept development. Students will learn how to develop an identity from scratch, as well as how to create branding standards.

GRPH 240: Typography
This course will provide a comprehensive background on conceptual and practical uses of typography within graphic design. The course will discuss typographic terminology, history, and type setting and hand-lettering techniques, as well as creative uses of typography in respect to letter form, layout, and corporate identity.

GRPH 250: Information Design
This studio course explores the method of graphic design to create an accurate visual representation of specific knowledge gained in areas such as communication and media studies, sciences and other fields. Students will learn how to create a visual representation of a complex idea that improves legibility and comprehension by the viewer. The course will introduce forms of information design, such as icon development, diagrams, graphs, time lines and maps and guide students through the methods of effectively designing information graphics with industry standard software. Lectures and readings will prepare students to complete a series of projects that will be applicable to any area of study.

GRPH 325: Interaction Design
This course will inform you of web design standards, trends, and techniques for designing interfaces for websites and mobile applications. It will provide you with the basic software knowledge of using Adobe Photoshop for interface prototyping and other Adobe Web Design software for building interfaces. In addition, students will learn basic writing and implementation of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), HTML, and JavaScript. Emphasis will be weighed heavily on design for the User Experience (UX).

GRPH 340: Advanced Typography
This course further explores the creative thinking processes as they relate to visual communication. Students will develop typographic design skills in relation to multiple-page documents, grid systems, hand-lettering, and the history of typography. 

GRPH 440: Exhibition Design & Portfolio
This course provides instruction in exhibition design and portfolio development for students completing their capstone within the Art Department. Students will engage in space planning and exhibition design to appropriately highlight their capstone project in the Senior Capstone Exhibition. Methods of portfolio development, both digital and printed, will be discussed and students will be required to document and provide a professional-quality portfolio at class completion. Class curriculum will also provide insight and instruction on methods of developing promotional items needed for those pursuing a career in graphic design and studio art.

GRPH 450: Design Studio Workshop
This course concentrates on the research, design, and production of complex design projects implemented through diverse applications. The curriculum consists of a semester-long, self-authored project, as well as a series of workshop assignments that will acclimate students to the pace of a professional design studio. Additionally, professional business practices of the creative field will be addressed and students will learn how to create custom materials needed for maintaining a business. Emphasis will be made on professional, organizational, and presentation skills. Students shall complete course with experience in how to follow an effective design process within an efficient time frame.